лазерная резка металла


Complex yet efficient: from order to product in 4 days

Laser Processing offers its resources to honor customer orders in optimal time and quality.

1. Placing the order

One of the most important stages of Laser Processing service: from here we can influence the quality and time of delivery for the final product. Laser Processing experts will help detail the practical and technical characteristics of the product that you want to process. We can give you suggestions and recommendations based on similar experiences, and also CAD assistance.
Material estimates requirements and final price are all set in this stage, so it is important that all details are known on this phase.

2. Raw material acquisition

Own metal storage warehouse with a capacity of more than 300 tons.

3. Production

Depending on the specific operations each product may involve, Laser Processing experts will make the necessary operations according to the order. If unforeseen circumstances arise or we have additional suggestions for improvement, we will communicate these details to the client. Verification and evaluation of products is carried out by Laser Processing experts to ensure that everything goes according to the plan.

4. Packaging and labeling

We love being organized, and this stage is vital in optimizing the entire process. We get sure that the beneficiary will be able to easily identify products, sort them quickly after their own needs and the final use will be instant.

5. Delivery

We guarantee the transportation of the products in the best conditions to the customer. The products can be picked up at our office, depending on customer needs.