Laser Processing


CAD assistance

Laser Processing will assist you from the first concept to the finished product. We will guide and support you to conceive, choose the right material, production method, quality control, delivery and reporting. All these services are key to our success, both for deliveries in Romania, as well as for those abroad.

CAD is one of the most important steps in the whole process of production, because here we define the product as it should look at the end; also, in this stage we can optimize production times, technical details and therefore final price and quality. At this step we use the industrial design software Solid Works.

We believe it is important that we meet our customers’ needs – those who do not have the technical resources. Our consultants will take you step by step throughout the process, they will understand all the technical demands of the beneficiary and set up all the details of the operations.

Laser Processing

Process description

We provide step by step support in the production process and CAD design is the first step - and one of the most important - of this procedure.

  • Step 1. Understanding the need of the beneficiary

    Laser Processing experts will evaluate all information the customer has in a first phase, in order to define as precisely as possible the needed product.

  • Step 2. Data collection

    Prior to effective CAD design, our client provides all the technical details about the product. Our consultants will help define all the necessary technical characteristics.

  • Step 3. CAD

    Based on the data we hold about the product, our designers enable computer representation of products using the design specialized sofware Solid Works.

  • Step 4. Final assessment

    Together with the customer, we ensure that the virtualization of the product is correct before entering production. In case of irregularities they are corrected.