Laser Processing



During the welding process we use both Synergic Pulse technology (working parameters are automatically set based on material thickness and type of wire) and Double Pulse Code (the best method of welding aluminum and parts of galvanized steel sheet).

Welding service at Laser Processing is carried out by our specially trained professionals to ensure final product quality. They will provide advice on technical details and potential challenges that may arise during the process.

Laser Processing

Technical details

Equipment and expertise of our specialists ensures optimum operation of welding procedure, thus guarantying the quality of products. For any further detail, please contact us.

  • Echipament

    Safro equipment - welding MIG / MAG and TIG / WIG


    The working parameters are set automatically based on material thickness and type of wire. Electronic control of parameters ensures uniform penetration, less splash and a better transfer welding bath.


    This option improves MIG / MAG welding quality and is the best method for welding aluminum and galvanized steel parts.

  • Details

    Synergic pulse welding and gas protection chosen correctly (Ar + CO2) lead to a better quality transfer bath filler welding and lower costs for further operations.

  • MIG / MAG Welding

    MIG / MAG: this is an improvement of the classic welding process (SMAW - Shielded metal arc welding) by introducing shielding gas at the welding area (MIG - Metal Inert Gas or MAG - Metal Active Gas) whose role is to protect the welding area. The mechanical properties of the joint are not damaged.

  • TIG / WIG Welding

    WIG / TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding electrode or infusible in inert gas environment is another variant derived from SMAW welding. WIG advantage is that it can be used in most weldable materials (carbon and alloy steels, aluminum, copper, nickel and its alloys). In some special cases the method it’s used to weld materials with high affinity to gas, as titanium, tantalum and zirconium.